How does a bicycle work (move)?

A bicycle is one of the commonest and most successful man-powered machines used for traveling the world over. To go around riding a bike wastes nominal energy as only a little friction between its wheels and road has to be got over.

The pedals and wheels of a bicycle are mounted on ball-bearings. As the result, they can turn around very easily. If you are traveling down a slope, you need not pedal even. The bicycle will move at a faster speed due to the earth’s gravity.

Gears in a bicycle make it easier for the bike to move. The gear-levers shift the chain from one set of toothed wheels to another set. The chain indeed connects on a small chain-wheel to a large gear sprocket on the hind wheel.

Brakes are there to stop the moving bike whenever we like to do so. Bicycles for ladies have a low cross-bar so that they can cycle even when wearing a long skirt.



– nominal : ស្តួចស្តើង

– friction : កកិត

– pedals : ឈ្នាន់

– mounted : ដាក់

– ball-bearings : ដុំកង់

– toothed : ធ្មេញរបស់ដុំកង់

– sprocket : ថាស់កង់

– hind wheel : កង់ក្រោយ

– low cross-bar : តួកង់ស្រី (គ្មានដែកកាត់ត្រង់​នៅលើតួកង់)​



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