How does a see-saw work?

A see-saw (teeter-totter) is a advice that we often see in the children’s park. It is an advice that children use to play a game which is really full of fun. In this game, two persons (children)  of unequal weights sit on the ends of a wooden plank and go up and down alternately. The plank moves on the lever that can lift heavy objects using only a little force.

If the riders of the see-saw weigh equally and sit at the same distance from the center (fulcrum), the plank will balance.

But if the rider weigh unequally, the plank will move with the heavier rider going down and the lighter one riding up. In order to play, the rider pushes the ground with his feet. As the result, it goes up and the other rider comes down. This goes on in turn for the riders and they enjoy the see-saw ride a lot.

Remember that when the rider goes up, it is SEE (TEETER). But when he comes down, it is SAW(TOTTER).

see-saw (teeter-totter)


– Plank :បន្ទះក្តារ

– Alternately : ឆ្លាស់គ្នា

– Force : កំលាំង

– lever :​ ឃ្នាស់

fulcrum : កំណល់



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